Wednesday, November 2, 2011

please come back home ! :(

u always in my heart <3
 today his birthday
thanks GOD 4 borrow him to me :((
 i miss you deeply :'(

Come Back

As you left you said you'd be back
And promised that we would be together again.
Visions of the future
Of all the fun times you had promised, filled my head
As we bid farewell.
Come back, brother
Don't leave me alone in this world.
We're related by blood,
Brothers and Best friends forever.
Don't break that bond,
Come back home to me.
Your face brightens my day,
And your voice is music to me,
Your smile is a treasure,
And your love and kindness are forever,
And I'll miss all that, while you are gone.
You're the friend God sent me,
An angel who'd look after me.
Heaven sent you are,
So why leave me now.
Our fun never seemed to end,
And our laughter filled the air
As time passes by,
And memories fade away,
I'll find away to keep you alive
And ill hope forever,
Some day you'll come home to me.
You are my brother,
You are my friend,
We're linked together
And I'll always watch out for you,
Because I know you watch out for me,
No matter where you are.