Sunday, October 7, 2012

when tomorrow

When tomorrow starts without me,
and I’m not there to comfort you,
please know that I still love you,
cause I know you love me too.
When tomorrow starts without me,
and you feel lost and blue,
I hope these words I’ve written
will help to see you through.
Someday your pain will ease,
sadness replaced by fond memories
Come tomorrow you will hear
I love you whispered on the breeze.
When tomorrow starts without me
cause God has called me home
I turn, blowing a kiss for thee
Sad that you may feel alone.
I will miss you tomorrow
as I take one last glimpse
a tear falls from my cheek
I’ll be going home.

And tomorrow will start without me

mungkin esok kalau aku x ada mesti mereka seronok . x payah nk susah2 pikir pasal aku lagi .

aku selalu buat masalah . tp ingat 'jangan sesekali tuduh org yang tidak melakukan nya kerana ia adalah FITNAH'.
mungkin esok juga aku hilang dari mereka .
mungkin esok juga aku berdiam.
mungkin esok juga aku berlari mencari kehidupan sendiri 
dan mungkin esok juga aku mati .
segalanya akan berlaku tanpa menanti .

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